With power only trucking, a truck and driver are hired to transport your trailer and products to your specified destination.


The power only shipping service we provide allows you to move your shipment locally, long distance, or even across state lines.

We understand that it’s not just a power only shipment to you, it’s your business.


Providing Power Only Transport Solution For A Variety Of Industries

Wondering if we can haul something for your business? Short-haul, long-haul, mission-critical, or time-sensitive, we can define a custom power-only transportation solution for your specific needs.

From full or empty trailers, portable machinery, race car haulers and race equipment, entertainment venues, and stage sets, you can rely upon the accuracy and dependability of Trailer Transit for all of your towaway – power only transportation needs.

When you have pre-loaded or self-contained semi-trailers that need to get across the country safely and on time, you can count on Johara Logistics. From moving empty trailers or transporting military equipment to speedily delivering generators to assist with disaster recovery, Johara has been trusted for more than 10 years to handle the needs of major corporations and the U.S. government. With our power-only services, we transport a variety of types of trailers including flatbeds, dry vans, trailer-mounted equipment, and portable machinery. Our expert drivers and national network of project managers are ready to help with your job, no matter how straightforward or complex.




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